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Dosha Overviews

Vata Overview

Vata types feel the cold, have fine, delicate skin, tiny pores, tan easily & are cool to touch. Imbalanced, Vata skin becomes dry, flaky or rough & prone to fine lines, especially on the forehead & around the eyes.

Balance Vata skin with warming, softening & moisture rich ingredients found in the Vata range.


Pitta Overview

Pitta types feel the heat, note their warm glowing cheeks are often lightly freckled or dotted with beauty marks & burn easily. Imbalanced pitta skin is prone to conditions such as redness, acne, rosacea, an oily t-zone, frequent breakouts in the T-zone & broken capillaries on the cheeks.

Balance pitta skin with the application of cooling, calming & natural, organic ingredients found in the Pitta range.


Kapha Overview

Kapha skin types have classically pale or rich olive skin, that is smooth, soft & lustrous. Imbalanced kapha skin becomes sluggish, may feel damp or a little oily & be prone to blackheads or congestion, including breakouts around the cheeks & cheekbone, up into the hair line above the ears.

Balance Kapha skin with stimulating, warming & detoxifying ingredients found in the Kapha range.


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Customers Reviews

I have been loving these amazing products which work according my skin need. Waiting for more products to come so that i can try them as well.
Shruti Aggarwal
I have a very sensitive skin and i was always being searching for genuine products for me, i had taken the skin test and 1st called for the samples and tried them. They personally got in touch with me and further given me assistance. I am in love with the products as they are treating the doshas which were unbalanced and i was completely unaware of it. THANKS TRIDOSHIC !!
Sanchna Chopra
Being a doc i am so much convinced with the concept of prakurti and tridoshas, so i though of trying the products and they did wonders to me. also the skin regime suggested by them is really easy and effective. MUST BUY PRODUCTS !!
DR. Pearl Jaggi