Pitta Ingredients

Coconut – helps to balance pitta dosha, removes dead cells due to it snigdha oily property. Coconut helps to neutralize pH. Rose – rose has astringent prop. That works to tone up the skin. It conatins tannins which help to tighten the cappilaries which reduces redness and bloatiness of acne and scars. Lavender – Pitta skin is prone to outbreaks because of excess sebum produced in skin which leads to desirable environmental for bacterial growth. Lavender contains mono trepens which kills bacterias. Sandalwood – it is best known to curb the excess oil secretion from skin cells. It provides nourishment to the cells. It cools and calms the irritation of skin, making it smooth & subtle. Mint – pitta skin type is prone to exess heat and naturally warm in temp. mint provides cooling effect to skin. Also it has salicylic acid and vitA that eliminates acne.