Our country’s rich Ayurvedic heritage is something the world has been in awe of for centuries. We have been a part of this country’s Ayurvedic legacy for the past 30 years. We have strived over years to combine old age formulas and techniques with the latest technology to bring to you the opulence of Ayurvedic luxury in the form of personal care and beauty products. Following age old traditions we use only the purest of herbs and the most authentic methods to extract their wealth. We enrich our products with certified raw materials and deliver research based high end products using the most modern manufacturing methods.

With our faith lying in the power of nature’s purity we bring to you nature’s prosperity in its purest form.


We believe that man like everything else on this Earth comes and belongs to the Earth and this Earth is what provides for man’s every need. Ayurveda is Earth’s form of providing for man’s health, personal, and beauty care. We wish to share nature’s gift to mankind with the whole world and gratify their need for luxury.


  • We head on to bridge the gap between nature’s opulence and mankind.
  • We desire to become the voice of change and challenge the need of artificial ways to provide for mankind.
  • We strive to maintain high standards and deliver the best that nature has to offer.
  • We believe in giving back to nature as we take from it and pledge to serve nature as we benefit from what it yields for us.

From the founder

Belonging to the pharma industry, I have always dreamnt of being in this business life long….